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Out of pot

Posted on 2005.11.16 at 16:39
Current Mood: coldcold
That's right, the terrible has happened, I am completely out of weed. Apparently while I was out of town Sunny managed to eat the little bag of shake and the 3/4 of a blunt I had waiting for me, so until I can get in touch with a dealer with something, I'm in a BAAAAD way!

It fucking snowed last night! Yeah, I went out to move my car last night, and I had to fucking scrape off the windsheild! IT WAS 70 DEGREES A WEEK AGO! THE HIGH TODAY IS 33!!! I bought some new gloves though that are dope, leather insulated gloves, 10 bucks at Walmart, hell yeah capitalism!!!

Our Time Has Come, The Fight Has Just Begun

Posted on 2005.11.13 at 16:30
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
As misleading as the title is, I don't care, know it, live it.
I'm sorry, I'm operating off very little sleep, so if it doesn't make sense, then you're just better rested than I am you spoiled bastards!
Just got back from Orcas, and I'm waiting for a load of laundry to finish itself up before I drive 4 hours (after being in a plane for 4 and a half hours earlier) back to Iowa City.
Liz had to take care of the puppy all by herself this weekend, and from sounds of it, Sunny didn't make it easy on her.

My grandpa died last weekend, which I was really sad about, but I'm not anymore. Over the course of the week I made a couple of discoveries about our relationship, and realized that the main reason we were never really close wasn't from a lack of love, but moreso we didn't have any real common interests, and so we never knew what to talk about with each other. The funeral was fantastic (I know, weird to say, but it's true), people were just roaring with laughter from all the stories my dad, my aunt patie and my uncle dick told about Opa's ability to string together long slews of swears that could make Trent Reznor blush, his passion for diesel engines, and just how cool of a guy he was, (not to mention his hatred for government, namely in their requirements of him to get permits to build on his own damn land), capped off with a fantastic line from Uncle Dick "If you really want to honor him, go build an outhouse without a permit!"

Everyone was great, but I'm looking forward to heading home, I miss Liz and Sunny (not to mention the little bit of shake I have waiting for me, haven't been stoned since Thursday morning, and I didn't even get that stoned because I knew I had the drive ahead of me, and I am not a skilled stoned driver, so thus I avoid having to do it).

My dad and I had a talk about my future, and the purpose that college is supposed to serve, and he suggested that maybe economics isn't the right field for me. He might be right, I dunno. I really like econ, especially the insight it gives you politically, but it's not coming to me as easily as it came to my dad, so I'm left trying to figure out what I am good at. Maybe writing, op-ed type shit, or I'm considering the priesthood. I could probably do that (and I'm sure that Liz would love being the preacher's wife once I make an honest woman of her, lol). I can only imagine what Swan would say if I told him I was dropping econ for the priesthood, since he's a firm believer that there is no God, and belief in religion is ignorant (yet he is yet to come up with a satisfactory response to the point that there is equal amounts of scientific evidence showing that there is a God and that there isn't a God, which is none). Whatever, I'm smarter than him, he knows it (and if he doesn't, it's just further proof of how much dumber he is than me, since I was already able to figure out that I'm smarter than him)

But now I am angry. Not right now, but in general. I've concluded that anti-smokers are dirty motherfucking facists. My mom thought it was just because after a 4 and a half hour plane ride without a cigarette I was just cranky, but nope, just had a cigarette, and Ted Kennedy is still a dirty motherfucker. I am so fucking sick of people thinking that it's somehow the government's job to tell us how to live, as opposed to just providing the most basic infrastructure to allow us to function within. It's sort of like those jackass christians who believe that God and Jesus have left a plan telling us exactly what we're supposed to do with our lives, as opposed to us doing that on our own with guidence. Just dirty motherfuckers, every single last one of them. I am being drawn more and more back to my anarchistic roots, (which you'd think that legislation banning commercial airliners from allowing smoking would be the last thing to push people into belief in anarchy, but consider it the straw that broke the camel's back).
Another thing, I am this close to burning down Iowa City Hall, those dirty little bastards need to learn that laws are supposed to be there to create order, not generate revenue, get rid of the fucking ridiculous parking laws, there isn't a single time all day when the traffic on Linn north of Bloomington is busy enough that it would slow things down if cars were parked on both sides of the street. And another thing, considering I know a lot of girls are afraid to walk alone at night in Iowa City, wouldn't it make sense for the cops to focus more attention on solving that problem rather than just looking for people 3 months before their 21st birthdays carrying a case of Coors light, get a fucking job you motherfucking leaches, there's not a single goddamn reason why my tax dollars (sure, only sales tax, but still!) should pay for these lazy motherfuckers salaries, if you're not gonna do anything useful, then fuck you, go home.
Rotten motherfuckers, ever last onne of them.

When Galen rox...

Posted on 2005.10.26 at 16:16
So yeah, kind of bored today. I've gotta clean up this shit pit since Liz's dad's coming on Friday, and Liz is busy all day today and tomorrow, so yay!
That White Sox game went WAY too late last night. I'm still torn about whether or not to support the Sox, and it has come down to this:
White Sox have Chicago written on their jerseys
I hate the Astros with a passion
If the Sox win the Series then the Cubs will have a flame under their respective asses to finally bring one home!
Too many Cubs fans have become unabashed Sox fans, fucking fair weather fans (so much of being a Cubs fan is suffering through the hard times and living with undying hope)
They're not my team, they're the South side team
I've built so much of my life around hating them

All and all, the good stuff for the Cubs, the good stuff for Chicago, and the bad stuff for the Astros outweighs the Cons of the Sox winning.
Not to mention now that all of these fairweather fans have moved over to the Sox maybe I can finally get some fucking Cubs tickets!!!


Posted on 2005.10.25 at 11:33
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: Out of the Blue - Balzac
I'm gonna start a band. I've got the people, so it's probably gonna happen, and thank fucking christ, cause it's been WAY too long.
I'm shocked how easy it ended up being. I thought it would be nearly impossible to find 4 people who play different instruments that were down for my ridiculous idea for a band, which was to center around melodic simple punk rock, like mid nineties style, but then also be willing to experiment and do serious stuff, but also to just rock out and have fun. But yeah, it turned out most of the guys were just the fellow guys of AEPhi, cause Mike, who's gonna play lead guitar is Andrea (one of Liz's sorority sisters)'s boyfriend, and Chris is Michelle (another one of Liz's sorority sisters)'s boyfriend (she denies it, but she's just being stupid and pretending that she's still in high school). The drummer Kevin is a freshman, I just went on Facebook and searched for people interested in drums, and he lives in Courier, which is like 2 blocks away.

Now the issue of band names. I want something funny or really dirty (but subtley dirty, so people won't know it's dirty unless they look into it).
I had the idea "Afghanistoned", but when I mentioned this to Liz she asked me if I was afghanistoned when I came up with this idea.
I also had the idea "The Peg Boys". Sounds normal enough, unless you know what a peg boy is. On old ships they would take a young male slave called the peg boy, and they would strap him face down to a barrel, and tattoo a woman on his back so her special area would be right where his asshole is, and then whenever the sailors so felt the need, well, yeah...
I was also considering possibly resurecting an old band name, like maybe Boa Con Carne, or SFAD. But yeah, I'm fucking STOKED!!!

turns out

Posted on 2005.10.25 at 11:30
I forgot to post this.
Bil's not dead, I'm just an idiot.


Posted on 2005.10.10 at 02:48
Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
Current Music: Mozart's Requiem
So yeah, I just found Big Luke's personal myspace page, and on it it said "RIP Bil Bumpas, 1986-2005".

I don't know if he's serious or not.
I hope not, cause I really like Bil.
But if he is, Bil, here is your eulogy to my livejournal crowd from me:
I didn't know you well, but that didn't change the fact that every time I bumped into you you were happy to see me, and considering what most of the other people who hang around Luke think of me, that really meant a lot. You were always a nice guy, and you took shit well. You could have a semi-serious conversation on occasion, but not typically.
Most of all, I'm gonna miss you, I really am. You left us too soon. You were a really great guy, and guys of your character are few and far between.
So Bil, if you are dead, may flights of angels carry you to your final resting place.

I really don't know what to make of this whole Bil dying thing. For one, I didn't really know Bil, but I always really liked Bil. The other thing is that I can't tell if Luke is joking about this, cause I wouldn't put it past him.
But yeah, I don't know what to feel. I'm really shocked and really sad right now, but I'm not sure if that's appropriate, considering that I didn't really know Bil all that well, and plus I don't really know if he's dead.
I dunno if I'm in a position where it'd be ok for me to mourn him.

Pissed off

Posted on 2005.10.08 at 00:03
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
Current Music: Out of the Blue - Balzac
The dog loves to bark. I would drown that fucking thing if she wasn't so goddamn cute!
So yeah, I am really fucking sick of just about everything right now. I just kind of want everything to stop, but I don't have any ideas of what exactly would replace all of the shit that I don't like now. Like, I hate school. This really pisses me off because back at Kirkwood I loved school! The teachers were great interesting people who viewed their one goal in life is to get me as interested and informed on whatever the hell they taught. Now I have Ph.D.'s who view being a professor as them being entitled to do nothing of value while getting their balls licked on a regular basis by grad students, and actual undergrad students are really just an inconvinience, as opposed to the SOLE REASON THEY CAN LIVE AS THEY DO!
I am namely speaking of my Calc for business professor Juan Gatica (if you ever go to Iowa, try your hardest to avoid this guy, worst teacher ever other than Ms. Brown, my junior year english teacher). This fucking cock admits to try to make his tests as confusing as possible, namely because he's a dick. He only spent 2 fucking days on teaching us derivatives, and thinks that it's unacceptable for anyone to want him to slow down (dead seriously, any times he's been asked to slow down a little he's said no).
But what alternatives are there? I'm going to get a college degree, that is not debatable, and I'm fairly commited to the economics/finance thing, plus I'm assuming there are quite a few Juan Gatica's sprinkled throughout the faculty. And this class is required, so I can either bite the bullet and privately fantasize about killing him in various horrible ways, drop the class, lose my health insurance, and try to find a new major, or drop out of school and go work at the John Deere factory for the rest of my life, and considering that I intend to be rich someday, that's kind of out of the question since the lottery is by far too chancy, plus I don't trust Governor Vilsack, he's known to be coppupt already, he'd probably pocket most of my money even if I did win the lottery.
So yeah, I'm kind of stuck. It sucks. Oh well...

Work and such

Posted on 2005.05.23 at 16:30
Current Mood: blankblank
Yeah, this summer is panning out alright, some good, some bad, but all and all alright. My job is cool, except since I have to get up at fucking 5 AM I barely get to see anyone, 'specially Liz, and even when I do, come 10 o'clock I've gotta be that jackass saying "It's 10, I've gotta go to bed", and for a 20 year old guy, that's really not cool. I'm learning a lot though, and making some good money (I'm assuming, I haven't gotten paid yet).
So yeah, Liz might be going to Minnesota for the rest of the summer. I'm really torn about this. There's a part of me that's cool with it, because I know she'll get to work, and not be as bored, and I know how much she wants to make some money, and I know that it's really selfish of me to want her to stay just because I'd miss her so much, but then there's the other part of me that knows I wouldn't get to see her for at least a little while on most days, and knows how much I'll miss her, and how we'd talk on the phone, and it wouldn't be good enough because I don't like the phone, and thus am not good at holding conversations. So yeah, I really don't know.
We went to the zoo yesterday. It was liz, little luke, marta, her boyfriend tim, annie, ryan metz, and me. It was cool because Little Luke and I share enough of the same sense of humor that we were endlessly ammused by the monkeys fighting over a burlap sack, and the other one sitting at the top eating his own shit. Liz is so cute around animals (or aminals, as we call them), because she loves them all.
Anywho, yeah, I'm tired. Been up since 5.

So yeah

Posted on 2005.05.14 at 15:48
Current Mood: distresseddistressed
Current Music: The sound of my kidneys preparing to explode
I apologize to my live journal, I've been cheating on you with Myspace. Anywho, just got out of school, and now I'm at home, and I found out that I'm gonna be making $13 a hour!!!! I mean, OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! Anywho, Liz isn't really happy, because she doesn't have a job yet, and she seems kind of depressed. It bothers me that the getting home bubble has burst so soon, but I understand it. A lot of her friends aren't here, while mine are, because I'm friends with shit bums. Her best friend Marta's staying in Minnesota, her other best friend Mallory didn't answer her phone last night, and all her other friends are either not out of school, not coming home, or going to camp. It fucking blows, so I'm gonna help her get a job this summer.

It's Christmas!!!

Posted on 2004.12.25 at 19:21
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Stairway to the Stars - Glenn Miller
Well, merry fucking christmas, it's the best time of the year! I made out like a bandit this year! I got an IPod, on which I have already put on like 10 albums or so, all of the ones I really liked on my mom and dad's computers. I also got a bunch on clothes that make me look like an east coast prep, Kiroak (or however you spell it, On The Road guy) esque. This is not hurt by my new haircut, and the fact that I forgot my shaving razor in Iowa City, so I guess shaving is out of the question until mid-January, and I can tell you, I am indeed a hairy one.
Right now I am in Orcas Island, and it's been a lot of fun, but I miss my girlfriend a lot too, so it's a combination of those two. My parents's new house is fucking awesome, they have this new window seat that is real comfortable, and you can see over the rest of the mountain, Puget Sound, and all the way into Canada (every night you can see the lights of Vancouver Island). It's been a very family oriented trip, with family dinners, going to church together, smoking rocks (as a family, of course), baking, hiking, and we've spent a good deal of time with Oma and Opa, which is great, though my mom has warned me to not talk politics with Oma, cause a pleasant trip could turn real sour if I do!
Anywho, Liz, if you read this, I love you so much, and I miss you so much, and I've told my friends that when I get home on Tuesday, I'm busy (with you) :)

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